Happy New Year!

Ok so new year, new me.. yada yada... you've heard it all before, but hey!  Why shouldn't I give it a go?  First step, I've got to get back into blogging (not that I really started!).  Last year I started following some amazing blogs which made me bitterly jealous.  As I was pouring over their beautiful pictures and inspiring words I thought to myself why the hell not?!  This is totally something I can try myself if I can exercise a little discipline - one post a week is a totally achievable goal!

The blogger world seems like such a friendly community which I would love to be a part of and make a few friends.  However, I am fully aware that I may never crack the blogsphere or have many followers, but as long as I have this little part of the web which I can claim as my own I can't complain.  Unfortunately, despite having a wonderful and techie husband, my own skill set is rather limited so its all going to be a bit of a learning curve - so bear with me!


Katie Hodrien said...

Well done you, welcome back :D

Twinklebits said...

Thanks Katie :D

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