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Plu & Pia

Not long now folks... 51 days and counting.. eeek!  As the end of next month draws closer I find myself pulling together all the final bits and bobs that I will need for the big day.  I have been thinking for a while about a present that I can get for AS for our wedding day; I have been looking for something personal and that would mean a lot to him.  Then it struck me - it had to be a Momiji of course.   One of the first ever Christmas presents I gave AS was a Momiji, he gave me one to mark our first year together, and of course the very special one he used to propose.  It would be the perfect present and would allow me to write him a little sentiment that could be stored in the Momiji  for him to read on the day.  With a growing collection of 46 Momijis it was important for me to find the right one.  I received an email today from Momiji and I couldn't believe my luck - a new range of hand numbered Momiji's had been released and there was one which was perfect for the occasion!

Meet Lucky Kitty...

The design based on Maneki Neko, literally translated as 'Beckoning Cat' believed to bring good luck and fortune to the owner.  This seemed particularly appropriate especially considering our love for cats.  We got our first kitties last year Tilly and Tammy :)  

Tilly (as a kitten) and Momiji Kitty

This is another of my favourite Momijis, Princess..

We bought her this year to commemorate the royal wedding and also the year of our wedding.  The first couple of hundred of these were also hand numbered - we were lucky enough to get number 49!

Now with AS's present sorted I can now focus on how we can incorporate other Momijis into the rest of the day.  Plu and Pia will be guarding our wedding cake.  Snuggle will be making an appearance - she definitely represents my love for Toadstools!

Chiyo, Pixie and Sister will also be partying with us too.  Their teapot and cakes will fit nicely into our tea party theme!  I can't wait to see the professional detail shots from the day with these beauties in :D


Frustrated Fairy said...

hhee I've always wanted one of those lucky cats. Those are super cute :D

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