Total Newbie!

Hooray I have arrived! My very first blog post!  So here I am, 25 years old and still trying to decide what to do with my life.  Being a creative person, I always have a several projects on the go and have various ideas and obsessions whizzing round my head.  I love writing poems and stories, crocheting  creatures, drawing magical places,  making fairy wings, designing make up and fashion looks, taking whimsical pictures,  growing beautiful flowers, playing with circus toys and sooooo much more .  But I seem to have my fingers in too many paint pots and have painted a very large unattractive muddy brown picture.   Time is always an issue – how can I focus my creative energies while I am being strangled by my ridiculously stressful and thankless 9-5 job?  I am determined to pursue this journey and conquer the life in which every day is inspiring for me and others.
Today is a day of new beginnings for me; my wonderful fiancé took me on a stroll of our garden this evening and showed me where a single passion flower had opened up on the front of our shed.  I love watching how things develop and grow.  I am always amazed by the beauty and the complexity of nature and it always makes me smile :) Are there any other nature inspired people out there?

Lovely snow on the mountain from our garden <3


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